Broadband FAQs

You can find out all you need to know about our broadband services here.

How can I sign up for Broadband?

To get connected with Sure Broadband, you will first require a telephone line. You can find more information about organising a telephone line by clicking here.

Once you have decided on a package, you can download and complete our broadband application form. If you would like advice on choosing a package, please call freephone 111 or get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

A copy of our service agreement is appended to our broadband application form.

How do I monitor my data usage?

We recommend that you check your usage regularly. You can do this by clicking here. You will be prompted to enter your Broadband username and password, these details can be found in your introductory letter when you first applied for broadband.

If you have lost or forgotten your details, please contact Customer Services.

Additionally, you will receive email alerts. We send you alerts when you reach 80% of your package and each day thereafter until the end of the month.

What will happen when I reach 100% of my package allowance?

Customers are able to exceed their allowance by 1000MB on the Silver package and 3000MB on the Gold package they will then experience a hard stop, in the form of disconnection once that has been exceeded. The exceeded megabytes used will be charged at an additional fee as per your broadband agreement.

Your megabytes usage updates every 12 hours or when you turn your modem off.

Free night time window

Our broadband package customers can enjoy our free night time window, between midnight and 6am.

This is a free service and we cannot guarantee the quality of service and we reserve the right to implement our Fair Usage Policy. Remember that any usage incurred after 6am will be deducted from your package allowance.

To guarantee that no usage can cross over into the chargeable period at 6am you should stop any software 10 to 15 minutes before the end of the window.

We remind customers that we do not condone the downloading of copyrighted material, for example movies or music. We will be complying with requests from the copyright holder or their legal representatives to supply the details of the infringing user.

Can I still access the free window after exceeding my allowance?

No, once you have been disconnected for exceeding your allowance there will be a hard stop and the connection will totally cease until the beginning of the new month.

How can I change my package?

To upgrade or downgrade your package, please contact Customer Services.

How do I terminate my package?

After you have completed your initial contract period, you can terminate your contract at any time.

Please note that if you terminate your service mid month, you will still receive the full monthly cost and allowance for your package.

Early termination during the initial 12 month period will result in an early termination fee becoming due.